Thursday, April 7, 2011

daily laugh

In our new house, we have a pretty big master bath.

I'm not talking like Mariah Carey's closet BIG but it is bigger than the shoe box of a bathroom we had in our apartment.

I can do jumping jacks in my bathroom which is a big deal to me. Not because I'm going to exercise though. I just enjoy having room to dry my fro every 3 days.

Anyway, in this new bathroom we have a window. Again, this is something I'm totally not use to. We had 8 windows in our apartment. That is it and of course NONE were in our yellow and gold 1974 bathroom.

So, today was day 3. The hair had to be washed, dried, straightened. This in itself burns about 2000 calories.

Anyway, I was stepping out of the shower and realized I hadn't shut the blind.

There stood my neighbor's boyfriend.


He just turned and went about his business.

I stepped away and wrapped myself up.

I ran out (dripping water all over the house) and yelled to Ryan.

"What?" he answered.

"Our neighbor's BF totally just saw me naked getting out of the shower."

Ryan just shrugged his shoulders and went about his business. He could care less.

"Well, obviously the neighbor didn't care either because he just turned and went about his business. Damn you saggy boobs and stretch marks. Damn you."

Reason #85 I need a boob job and laser stretch mark removal therapy.

Maybe then the husband will care if the neighbor's BF sees me naked.

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The Deaver Family said...

I feel the exact same way girl!!! I think that would be my #101 reason. However, I think I want one more child so I have to wait! :)