Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Card.

I am on the search for the perfect Christmas card.

I can't find anything I like. I know in my mind what I want and I can't find it anywhere.

Where are you getting your Christmas cards this year? Where have you purchased them in years past?

I feel like I've looked at every online retailer. I am overwhelmed. I need help.

Help me!

PS- Head over to Spearmint Baby for your chance to win a $60 Paperspring gift certificate. They have the cutest cards I have seen so far. They also have the card that is closest to what I am looking for. Check them out. Their cards are awesome. More than likely, I will order from Paperspring if I don't win this contest.


Loukia said...

I just wrote a post about Christmas cards a few days (or week?) ago! Good luck... it can be a stressful thing to find...

Megan said...

I had the same thought exactly. I submitted a question to Design Mom and she answered it on her site! I was so excited! But I still haven't had time yet to look through her post and all the comments and find something I like. Maybe it'll help you though

Lindsey said...

tiny*prints have some cute cards that I like but I think I might go the etsian route and get a proof from there and just print it off at my local print shop. Its so much cheaper and there are some cute designs out there. I suggest you at least check them out. You might find one you like!

Anonymous said...

I like

I also second "Design Mom"... she has cute stuff!

Also, check out Ashley has great card ideas too!

We've always just done the easy thing through shutterfly & snapfish.

This year though, we're having pictures taken by Laurie Crutchfield. I'm sure she'll design ours.

Good Luck!

Krystyn said...

Hello...I am making ours!

And, I could totally make yours, too and make your vision a reality! I would love to do it!!!!


Vanessa said...

I am using if you use her already made template she chaged 25 if she makes a custom one it is 50

I LOVE her.

vanessa from