Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Birthday.

We had another birthday party the other night. November and December are our birthday months. We celebrated my aunt Lesley's birthday.

I would also like to make a public apology. Lesley, I was wrong about the age menopause sets in. On average, you have 11 more years. {Big thanks to google for helping me produce that answer.}

Birthday parties around our house are loud, overwhelming, a lot to handle... what am I saying? To an outsider, ALL of our family functions I'm sure seem overwhelming.

Just listen to a few conversations I overheard last night.

"Mama, your hair looks like Michael Landon."

"I can't believe it! She just heard everything I said." {Talking about an old aunt that can't hear.}

"Lesley, that would be really cute with a pair of tights." That "dress" was totally a shirt.

Emma yelled "BATH" for a good portion of the night. What can I say? The kid is addicted to the bathtub... Caroline rode her three-wheeler as fast as her little legs would carry her... Brandon recited movies and TV shows.

Then we had a conversation about who had eaten/cooked/tried chitlins. {Gross. I just vomited in my mouth thinking about it.}

Fun times.

PS- You are invited to our next family gathering. Get excited!

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Jamie said...

hahah sounds like one of my family functions!