Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Vacay.

"Let's go to the beach," he said.

You don't have to beg these girls.

We played on the beach.

I read my book.

Ryan napped.

The girls enjoyed swinging in the hammock.

We dared each other to stick our feet in the water.  Ryan would not do it.  I could barely get my big toe in.  Big squealed as she tried to put her whole foot in the water.   Bug did it like a champ.  She said, "It's not even that bad."  For the record, it was that bad.  It was like Titanic cold.

We had Ruddy Duck for dinner (best jambalaya you've ever tasted and their Caribbean slaw is to die for).  First beach dinner of the season.  The fish tacos were just as I remembered.  Fabulous.  I didn't expect any less.

My morning coffee was amazing.  Coffee at the beach is always so good.

Lunch was big.  Lunch was greasy.  Lunch was super yum.

Loading the truck up to come home was no fun.  We all wanted to stay.  We realized we could stay at the beach forever and we would be fine.  Because the beach... it makes everything better.

We are already planning what we want to do on our next trip down.

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