Friday, March 7, 2014

Jeans that are too small.

Bug is still our little fashionista.

She definitely knows what she wants to wear.

Since I can remember, she has picked out her own clothes to wear everyday.

For a LONG time she would NOT wear jeans.  Only leggings, dresses, foot holes (tights) and skirts.

I finally got her into a pair of jeans.  They were super skinny jeans that I told her were just jean leggings.

She will NOT wear flare or bootcut jeans.

She demands super skinnies or no jeans at all.

She has anxiety attacks if I pull something out for her to wear that she is not into.

It is so bad that I am putting my size 6/7 child, in size 5 skinny jeans because that is all she will wear.

The girl knows what she wants.

Who can fight with that?

Just wait until she starts reading Vogue.

Dear Lord, help us.

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