Sunday, December 23, 2012

We miss Iron Man

Iron Man did not get home from work until 9:15pm the other night.

He left us at 8am.

This is a busy time of year for UPS.

We are thankful but the girls miss Daddy.  And sometimes I hate being a "UPS widow".  That's what happens at Christmas though.

His supper was waiting for him and the bed was turned back.

The girls fell asleep waiting for him to get home.

I thought about one night this summer.

I wrote about it but never posted it.

This is what I wrote:

We were sitting on the back deck.  The evening had turned cool while we waited for a storm.

When the wind blew just the right way, you could almost smell the rain that was on its way.

Lightning was dancing in the clouds.  I giggled and said it looked like Jesus was putting on a fireworks show.

It was dark.  He didn't make eye contact.  I didn't see him smile but I felt it.

I sat down by him with my iced wine.  We listened to music and just enjoyed being together.

No more words.

We came to this crossroads a few years ago.  The crossroads of "we-are-no-longer-newlyweds-but-we-are-not-an-old-married-couple".

I hated it when we stopped talking to each other every second.

There never used to be a silent moment between the two of us.

Our feelings never changed.  We just fell silent at certain times.

We would go out to dinner and barely talk.

Then I realized, we are happy to just be together.

He makes me realize that I don't have to talk every minute.

It is never awkward.

It is just silent sometimes.

To be honest, silence is golden these days.

He knows now that I need that silence every once in a while.  With two children that are only 26 months apart, silence is hard to come by.

My brain turns 8000 miles a minute on most days.  Some days I don't even remember to use the bathroom.

So sitting on the back deck, in the dark, with my wine (his beer), and the dancing lightning made me love this man even more.

And we are happy.

Silent and happy.

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Stephanie said...

Beautiful. I love talking with my husband, and I love just sitting quietly without needing to talk.