Thursday, September 6, 2012


Zoey is having a surgery today.

What a mess I have been.

She was so excited this morning hopping in the back of Ryan truck.  She thought she was going for a ride with her Daddy.

She even jumped OUT of the truck using the tool box to chase Oreo, the cat.

She had a great morning.  She was so happy.  Little did she know where she was going, much less what was about to happen.

Zoey is getting "fixed".

She has to stay overnight, which is the worst part.

When we go to the beach, we leave her here to protect the fortress.  My wonderful MIL and FIL come over to play with her and feed her for us.  My point in all this is that we are ok with leaving our dog.  We don't take her everywhere we go... although I wish we could.

It is just that leaving her at the cold, vet in a hard, silver cage all night makes me sad.

Ryan went by the vet.  She was out of surgery and did fine.

Now we wait.

She will be home tomorrow.

Until then, the birds, squirrels, turtles, and frogs are having a field day in our yard.  It is uncharted territory for them since Zoey likes to eat their kind.

Thank you to everyone that said a little prayer for her.
That is so thoughtful and sweet


" My, my, how time does fly.

Aye. It seems only yesterday she was cuttin' her teeth on Jim Dear's slippers.
And now, there she is, a full-grown lady."
~ Lady & the Tramp

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Shayna said...

She's a beautiful pup. Praying tonight won't be too long and that the reunion will be sweet. :)