Saturday, September 1, 2012


We saw this bumper sticker recently.

It is that time that happens every four years where you see a million different bumper stickers.

It becomes second nature to read every sticker and then go on about your life.

Someone (who shall remain anonymous) said, "Who is Omney?" 

"Who is Omney?"

In the defense of the someone who shall remain anonymous, the bumper sticker is poorly designed.

Someone who shall remain anonymous is fully aware of who Romney is.  However, the design of the "R" looks like a picture.

Someone who shall remain anonymous asked because they had never heard of an "Omney" before.

We all had a good chuckle because of this.


Spotlight on my funnies for a sec...

Ryan took me out to dinner at one of my most favorite restaurants ever.

I ordered a yummy drink and it came in a cool glass.

It looked similar to an absinthe glass.

"OMG!  I love this glass.  Don't you love it babe?  It looks like an abstinence glass."

"It's ab-sinthe," he said.

I'm pretty sure absinthe does not lead to abstinence.  Ha!


Same difference.  I felt like an idiot.  I am glad Ryan is the only person that heard me.


From the mouth of one of my babes...

"It's hot as a mother!"

I need to watch my phrases.