Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It's has been a big week for us.

- I have some sort of sinus stuff going on.  I am not feeling 100%.  Ugh.  So much for enjoying the changing of seasons.  By the way, who is loving this ENC weather??  High 50s at night, low 80s during the day.  I'll take it!

- Caroline started gymnastics tonight.  Boy, did she love it.  She learned how to do a back roll and is super stoked.  She catches onto things so easily.  I wish I was that way.  She gets it from her Daddy.  I can barely walk and talk at the same time.

- Bug is starting dance.  Yes, you read that right.  Dance.  I didn't pressure her either.  I just mentioned it and just jumped right on it.  She will be taking with a dance teacher that goes to her school every Monday for "movement".  We got all of her dance stuff today.  Tomorrow cannot get her fast enough in her eyes.

- Bug talked at school today.  It happened during an emergency but still... it happened.  Holler!  She had to tee-tee.  I mean like superbad tee-tee.  She couldn't hold it much longer.  She cried (break my heart).  She will NOT tee-tee at school.  I don't know how we are going to get past this.  Did I mention she cried :-(  I rushed in and saved her.  She tee-teed for a good minute.  She felt much better.  During her meltdown, she told one of her fabulous teachers, "My tummy hurts.  I want to go home."  Wow.  All of that came out of her mouth.  Wow!  WOW!!

- Bug slept in her bed ALL NIGHT last night.  Yes, she still gets in our bed on most nights.  I woke up with morning at 6:30am fully rested for the first time in a LONG time.  I kind of missed her.  Fingers crossed the same happens tonight.

- I have no pictures for today.  I have been doing 8 million things.  I mean, I just got done cooking dinner.  I haven't even cleaned the kitchen yet.  Ugh!

- One night I went to bed at 9:30ish.  That is epic.  I can't remember the last time that happened.

-I am watching Gossip Girl season 4.  Dear sweet baby Jesus.  I don't know how I ignored this show until its final season.  Chuck Bass is so awesome.  I wish I could be him for just one day.

- I am off to clean the kitchen, watch Big Brother, watch Gossip Girl, feed the dog, wash clothes, shower, fold clothes, ok I'll stop now.

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Ashley said...

Dannnccceee???? Where?!