Thursday, December 2, 2010


My children like to swing "to the moon".

This all started with my Dad who my children affectionately call "Jay".

Yes, that is his first name.

Yes, that is what they call him.

He is totally not a Papa, Grandpa, or any other name. He is a "Jay".

Anyway, Ryan and I took the girls to the park the other day.

Emma asked to swing the baby swings even though she can swing in the big girl swings now.

"Fast, Daddy!"

"Ryan, swing her to the moon," I yelled as I snapped pictures.

This is what happened...

"Dear sweet baby Jesus! Not that high!!"

I almost lost it.

Emma almost flipped out but loved it.

Ryan was oblivious as to why I almost had a heart attack.

And one more time for good measure...



Anonymous said...

WHOAAAA..... Yeah that's a little too high Daddy Ry! Holy mother bear. I bet Emma loved it though!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

LOL...this reminds me of a picture I snapped of my husband throwing my daughter into the air. I was freaking out and when I saw the photo it looked like she was WAY up there. Of course, she was loving every moment of it. Kids love adventure!

Shayna said...

To the moon and back... just like Scrooge on Disney's "A Christmas Carol" :)

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh! I might have peed my pants if I saw that!

Krystyn said...

Holy cow..that is super, duper high!