Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This princess was sick Monday night.

She started throwing up about 6:30pm and finally stopped about 3:30am Tuesday morning.

It was a long night.

Just after Caroline 1st throwing up spell, I took Bug upstairs to get a bath. I was in the process of bathing her and Big walked in.

"I have to fow up Mama."

I held her hair back as she threw up.

Emma was in the bath tub which is located right beside the toilet.

She watched as Big threw up and I heard her gag.

Then I heard her clapping and she said, "Yayy Big! You did it! Good job, Big! Cool, Big! Cool! Yayyy!"

Hopefully she will be that great of a cheerleader for her sister in their later years when Mama's not there after those wild parties to hold back hair. ;-)

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