Friday, November 5, 2010


Last night, I got into bed and turned the TV on. I can't go to sleep without the TV on. It's my thing. It drives Ryan nuts but whatever. He will eventually get over it and I will eventually get over the way he brushes his teeth.

Anyway, Kathy Griffin's Whore on Crutches was on. Of course I stopped to watch it. Kathy Griffin is hilarious and I love her.

She did a segment about The OCD Project. I have never heard of the show. She was describing this woman who was always scared she had run someone over. It was one of her OCD tendencies.

Do you know what?

That is one of mine.

After Bunco last night, I dropped a friend off at her house. I was coming out of her neighborhood and went over a bump in the road. I had to turn back. Yes, I had to turn my car around and make sure it wasn't a person. Now, knowing that it was just a bump... when I hit it again, I had to turn around once again and drive back through to make sure it wasn't a person.

After the second time, I finally made myself leave the neighborhood.

As crazy as it sounds, I think I am semi OCD.

When I tee-tee I have to wipe the seat afterwards... even when the seat is clean.

I can't shut the door behind me if we are leaving for the weekend. Ryan has finally learned that it is just easier for him to shut the door. If I have to do it, I will stand there and check the door knob and push on the door until I am satisfied. It could be 3 times, it could be 25. Until I am satisfied, I will not leave that door.

I have found that most of my anxiety comes at times when we are leaving the house for more than just a few hours. I will stress for at least an hour during the ride about the stove, dryer, dishwasher, door, refrigerator door, etc.

I can't just open and close the refrigerator door. If I open it for any reason, when I shut it back I will reopen and shut it until I am satisfied that it is closed.

I think I have typed about these OCD actions and anxiety before. The older I get, the worse it becomes.

I do good to cover it up. Ryan doesn't even notice a lot of the things that I do. Maybe he does and is just so use to it that he lets me do it. Haha!

I don't have an obsession with washing my hands which is weird because a lot of people with OCD do.

I do however have a strange obsession with light switches. If I have to turn a light off, I will stand there with my hand on the switch, pushing down to make sure it is off, until I am satisfied that it is off. I don't do the usual "on and off" game that a lot of people with OCD do. Thank goodness we mostly have lamps in our house. I don't have to use light switches often. Ha!

Am I crazy or are these things normal?

Gosh! I have a kid with a black tooth, a kid who can flatulate on command, a husband who brushes his teeth weird, AND I'm an OCD nutjob! I live the dream life, people. Be jealous. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if that's "normal" but we all have our quirks but girl if you don't stop it, you're going to drive yourself crazy!! But then again maybe not since you've always been that way. Your family is perfectly normal, but I mean I'm obviously the wrong person to listen to since my family is far from normal. Your OCD is what makes you YOU! :)