Friday, November 12, 2010


I was the white girl back in 2003 yelling HOLLERRR instead of HOLLAAAA!

Seriously, I am about as non-gangster as you can get.

However, I went gangsta on my husband yesterday. Not gangster... gangsta.

Here is how the conversation went:

Hailey: "Oh, so we aren't going out to lunch?"

Ryan: "No."

Hailey: "Let's just go. What are we going to eat?"

Ryan: "We have stuff here to eat and you have lots of stuff here that you can do."

Hailey: "Like what?"

Ryan: "Like mop, wash clothes, dust..."

Hailey: "No, you need to get yo ass up off da couch and mop, wash clothes, etc. (clearly mocking him)."

Ryan: "(Clearly mocking me)Get YO ass up off DA couch? Really? REALLY?"

I felt gangsta. Therefore, I have been listening to country music all day so that I will start using words like ain't & y'all.

Country music= crisis averted.

I did, however, look up my gangsta name on this website known as Gangsta Name Generator. This is what my gangsta name is...

Bless my sweet little heart, y'all! I don't think that gangsta is for me.

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Neila said...

My name is Supa Hard Skull Cruncha