Sunday, May 23, 2010

S words suck

"Mama, Mom, Mama, Mama... Mamaaaaaaa... MMMMMMMamaaa"

"Caroline, slow down. Think about what you want to say. Only say Mama ONE time. Let your brain think about the words."

"Mama. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII wawaawant..."

"Caroline. Calm down. Think about it. Say it without stopping."

In the beginning, this was a major concern for me. It faded and now the concern is back.

Caroline was a late talker and has never used the correct words for things. For the first 6 months after FINALLY beginning to talk, she called a cookie a "goga". Eventually, a close family friend named Justin because "Goga". His wife, Jordan, is affectionately known as "Boobie". I swear it has nothing with the fact that she does, in fact, have fake tits.

Anyway, I have recently become concerned again. She just can't get the words that are in her brain to come out of her mouth the correct way. Most of the time it is a jumble of words or words are extremely drawn out. She also can't move past words. She will get stuck on "Mama" because what is about to come next is extremely important to her. She will sometimes get stuck on a sound versus a word. For example, "S"s are hard for her. Say "snake". Go ahead say it. For the S sound, we put teeth together for the S sound. Caroline puts her tongue between her teeth for the S sound. Now say "snake" and start with your tongue between your teeth. Go ahead. Do it. That is how all of her S words sound. So, she will get stuck on the S sound because she knows it doesn't sound right.

I've been calm about the situation. Handling it with patience. I stop her from talking. I tell her to think about the words. I tell her to slowly tell me what she is trying to say.

She has become aware of the situation. She is self-conscience and that upsets me. She will cup her hand in front of her mouth as if it is going to hide the fact that she is stuttering.

About a week ago, we were really working on her speech. She had a really bad day and being tired wasn't helping the situation. We have noticed that when she is tired is when it happens most. Anyway, all day long we worked on letting our brain think and then saying what was on our mind.

The next morning she woke up. She rolled over and said, "Mama, do I go to school today?" Before I could answer, she grabbed her mouth, and through a huge smile said, "MAMA! GOD FIXED IT!"

I talked to my pediatrician about it when we were there last year for her yearly well baby. He wasn't extremely concerned but told me to watch it. I've watched and it hasn't gotten better. Part of me really feels like it is getting worse.

Now, as a mother I am scared of what the future holds. Will she need speech therapy? If she does, is it best to do private therapy or have her pulled out of class (when she goes to Kindergarten)? Right now, I am not jumping to conclusions but I feel like if therapy is what is best for Caroline, I will opt for private sessions.

As a mother, you do not want your child to be labeled. Especially a label like "speech impediment". However, I want what is best for Caroline. For her sake, I need to talk to the doctor about her situation.

And I am scared shitless... said with my tongue between my teeth for giggles and to lighten the mood a little.


Anonymous said...

You are right- you do what you gotta do so they aren't made fun of. Kids are so cruel today! I guess mention it again to the pedi and see what his recommendations are. I love the little story about God fixing it. She is so cute!

Diana said...

It could be something minor that Speech Therapy can fix quickly. Kids are cruel, like Carrie said! I could recommend a GREAT speech therapist if it comes to that!

Anonymous said...

I know I don't know you IRL but I would, if it comes to it, recommend private lessons. Don't pull her out if class. I am in the midst of getting my Masters in Early Childhood Development and one of my first classes was on speech and reading development (its all one category) and they learn way too much in K-garden to be pulled out and they usually get more out of private sessions b/c they are not thinking about being in class with their friends, and also the upside to PS is she wont get made fun of, children are so mean now-a-days.

Since you're an aware parent if you start her early then it could be corrected quickly.

Good Luck Haley. I hope everything works out for the best.


Krystyn said...

I think at 3, you still work on it. their brains are processing faster than their mouths can think.

But, if you are really worried, maybe give your ped a call, or even your local school district.

Meredith said...

Although nothing is "wrong" with speech therapy in school, I would opt for private. Most of the time in public schools they are pulled out and worked with one-on-one with the therapist but they are missing SO much instruction in their class that is important.

Just remember that what ever you choose, you are doing the right things for your child!

The comment Caroline said was jsut precious!!! :)

Jamie said...

I think getting her assistance early is very smart. However, it just sounds like Caroline is so excited and spunky that she just doesn't take the time to slow down and think about it so I'm sure it will be a quick fix for her! I mean hell, she can already count in SPANISH! Don't stress girl! My child didn't start crawling until she was one! Caroline will be just fine, I know it!

Amy said...
if you're really worried call your states early intervention and have them come evaluate her. they should come to your house for that and if she needs speech they might be able to send someone to you.

Dana said...

A friend of mine's little boy had the same problem and went to speech at LMH when he was four for 3months problem solved!! They recommend you do it earlier than later!! I would mention it to the pedi and see what he says and then go from there. Caroline will be just fine!!