Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Randoms

1. Our beach date night turned into a date weekend. Thanks to my wonderful inlaws and my wonderful parents. You guys rock and we love you more than words can say.

2. I get drunk off of two glasses of wine. I sober up quickly though.

3. Bill Maher is a pathetic human being. You suck at life, you dumbass. You are the epitome of a mother f-er if I have ever known one. What.a.jerk. You will die and burn in hell. I hope you enjoy it. Jerkface.

4. Bill Maher followers, you suck too. To one follower, in particular, you are a jerkface too. When you said "he is an awesome guy other than the fact that he is a democrat" speaks volumes on just how much you "think" you know about politics. Idiot.

5. My husband says thyme like it is spelled. He does not say "time". I giggle every thyme. ;-)

6. I had a fantastic salad Saturday night. I am still thinking about it. A classic spinach salad with hot mustard dressing. Yum-O! I got it here. We went to dinner with a fabulous, fun group of friends {SHE was part of the group. So fun!}.

7. Friday night I found the most fabulous chicken salad on the island at The Monkey Bar in Atlantic Beach. I can't even describe how delicious it was.

8. To the new owners of Roma Pizza... I am extremely disappointed in your pizza. It isn't half as good as it once was. It made me feel yucky {hence the reason I only had a salad and stuffed potato for dinner Saturday night}. I will not eat pizza from there again.

9. We laid out on the beach Saturday afternoon. I almost froze to death but it was so enjoyable.

10. My children were spoiled rotten this weekend. Seriously. To top that, they are both still extremely exhausted.

11. I helped Emma down the slide today. When she got to the bottom, she looked at me with those huge eyes and said, "Sank Jew". Sweet thing. I could eat her.

12. Caroline says she is 5 and her name is Eliza this week.

13. I want a dog. A great dane preferably. We have no where to keep a dog and Ryan says we can't afford to feed a dog that big. So, I will give him a choice. A great dane or a teacup pig. Have you ever seen a teacup pig? Google it. You will thank me later.

14. Thanks to Jewel, I now what to learn to crochet and sew.

15. Meet my friend Kelly. She is awesome, beautiful and just started blogging. Be sure to follow her. She is the mommy of a precious angel, Austin.

16. Gawd, I wish was a real housewife of New Jersey... just for one day!

17. I'll post again soon.


Amy said...

man i miss having cable. it was killing me to not be able to watch the RHONJ premier tonight. in fact, i was watching the live streaming party for a little bit tonight and actually sat there for the first 10 min that the show was on watching them watch the show and hoping i could hear something. lame right? thank goodness for hulu!

Anonymous said...

Haley your killin me!

My fiancée wants a A great dane soo bad, He isn't budging. I said the same thing your husband did.

My bestfriend has wanted a teacup pig for ever- they are adorable, I am worried that my daughter would think its a toy and hurt it. LoL.

Jewel said...

Hahaha...glad you got the crafting fever too. You'll have to bring your sewing machine over when Kari and I do a craft day sometime.

By the way, it's so funny that you want a great dane or a teacup pig too. I told my hubby that he had three choices when it came time to get another animal: great dane, pig, or maltipoo.

Megan said...

Thanks for the shout out! It WAS a fun night...we'll have to do it again SOON.

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

Dropping over from @usfg Moms Connect! I laughed throughout this blog posts...LOVE IT!

Krystyn said...

Wowzers...a whole weekend. Severe jealousy. And, only two glasses of wine? Cheap, too!

Glad all four of you had such a good time.