Monday, October 13, 2008

Not me! Monday.

It's my turn to be "brutally honest".

Let's start from the beginning...

These "not me's" are from two weeks ago.

I did not have to go to Michael's (the store I hate most on this planet) only to have Caroline scream at the top of her lungs when we walked in the door. I did not feel like doing the same thing. I did not ignore her and laugh uncontrollably while old white-haired ladies stared at me like I needed to control my child.

I did not laugh again when Caroline took a Styrofoam wreath and hit a lady in the arm. I did not feel like doing the same thing to her when she looked at me like she wanted to knock my kid out. Maybe if her small cart hadn't been taking up the WHOLE aisle we could have passed without any hitting at all. One day you aisle hogs will learn.

I did not eat a king size kit-kat in less than one minute.

I did not ignore my sister when she asked me how many kit-kat wrappers were stuffed in between my drivers seat and the center console.

This week:

I did not have bad days this week because I miss my baby and feel very overwhelmed by everything that has happened in the past two weeks.

I did not buy mini kit-kats and a pack of reese's and eat them all in two days.

I did not tell myself that it was ok to eat them all because I am still SUPPOSE to be preggers.

I did not drink multiple coffees this week in order to keep my eyes open.

I did not lay in bed for hours because I couldn't sleep.

I did not let Caroline color a mini pumpkin with a black sharpie.

I did not ignore the fact that Caroline got the marker all over the kitchen table and her cute PJ pants because I was just too tired to care.

I did not drink about 100 pepsi's this week. They are not so very good. I am now able to drink regular pepsi. Remember during pregnancy, I could only drink diet.

I did not wash Caroline's sheets this week twice because I forgot to put them in the dryer after the first wash.

I did not ignore the two piles of clothes upstairs on my bedroom floor that needed washing for three days.

I did not go 9 hours Saturday without pumping.

I did not cry when I realized it.

I did not continue to cry until I went to bed because I was worried I had messed up my milk supply.

I did not put Caroline in the tub this morning with her clothes still on.

I did not let her pick out her own outfit either. She did good though... a cute brown and pink dress and her pink crocs.

I did not put off cleaning while Caroline was napping to write my Not Me! Monday post.

Nope... NOT ME... I didn't do any of those above mentioned things.

Thanks to MckMama for starting Not Me! Monday. Totally fun and such good therapy.


He And Me + 3 said...

I had to rewash clothes too this week, because I just forgot about the wash.

elizabeth embracing life said...

My husband followed his nose and found the foul smelling clothes in the washer was a busy week, what can I say. I want to come to your next kit-kat party.

amanda said...

honey holy cow!! i just got caught up!! where in the world have i been??

sooo glad all of you are doing well - i just can't imagine everything you have been through over these last few weeks!!

sending love, hugs and happy thoughts your direction :)

and btw - she is beautiful!!