Thursday, October 16, 2008

All is well.

Everything is still going good with us.

Caroline is finally settling down and getting back in her regular routine.

In the beginning, she was acting out to get attention. She was hitting, kicking, biting, etc. Fun times.

Now she is back to her old normal self.

Just yesterday she took all of her clothes off and laid in the middle of the living room floor.

I walked in from the kitchen and asked what she was doing?

She told me she was swimming in the BIG pool.

I told her to put her clothes back on or at least just her big girl pants.

She replied, "No! I naked."

Whatever. I let her lay and pretend swim in the middle of the floor... naked.

As I sit here and write, she is sitting on top of the couch playing with the blinds. She knows that this is a BIG NO-NO but she does it anyway. She has already broken numerous pieces of the blinds. Now she is just adding to the tackiness that people can see as they drive by. Again... whatever.

Baby Emma is doing great.

She is still in the isolette. Her doctor (one of my favorites that I haven't seen in the nursery yet) called the other day and told us that she would be out of the isolette at 1800 grams (Four pounds= 1816 grams). She was at 3 lbs. 11 oz as of last night at 12. Not far to go. Her doctor said that hopefully by the weekend we can have her out and in a regular bed. Keep your fingers crossed.

Little Miss. Emma enjoys eating like her Daddy and sister. She sucks her bottles down in no time. Daddy fed her for the first time Sunday afternoon. I nursed for the first time this afternoon and she did GREAT! Much better than Caroline ever did. I don't think Caroline was ever interested. Caroline was ready to eat real food when she came out of the womb. :-)

Here is a picture of Emma from Tuesday night. Daddy was holding her. She always keeps one eye open when we hold her. Cuteness. Daddy's hand looks so big.

I am slowly getting back into the mood of blogging. I will be doing more of it soon. Promise.

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amanda said...

love the naked big girl in the blinds and love even more that your take on the situation is 'whatever' - good for you :)

the the baby - sooo sweet honey!!

take care of you!