Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Letter to Caroline- Month 27.

Dear Caroline,

It's been 27 months since the day you were born. 27 months since you took your first sweet breath in this big world on your own. 27 months of laughter, smiles, and tears. Oh, how you have changed. You have become your own little person.

It has been a crazy month so far. Baby sister decided to come a little early. Well... actually... Mommy's body decide it didn't want to keep Baby Sister inside any longer. So out she came. You are a big sister. Baby Emma isn't home yet but you are already a great big sister. You share everything with Emma. The other day you were coloring and you stopped and looked at me with a very serious face. You said, "I share baby Emma." You wanted to share your markers with your baby sister. A few months from now you will be screaming because she is touching your things. But no matter what, you will always be the most wonderful big sister. That's just you. You are good at everything that you do and you are only two.

Mommy has been a crazy woman this month. We went from being together all day everyday to how we are now. I have to leave you for a few hours everyday to go see Emma. I hate leaving you but you don't seem to mind. You have fun with everyone you stay with. I never thought it would be so difficult to be a mom of two. Maybe one day you will understand. It's hard to explain. I want to take care of you but I have to take care of Emma too. When she comes home it will be much easier. I will be with you both. I won't have to leave one of you to be with the other. I will have both of my princesses with me. It will be just fabulous.

You love your baby more than words can say. It never fails that when we leave, you grab baby and your pocketbook. Baby and pocketbook go EVERYWHERE we go. Sometimes the stroller has to go too. Sometimes I look at you and think that you are like a little old lady that has to have her pocketbook by her side at all times. If I'm lucky, I get to dress you before we go out. On some occasions you like to dress yourself. Let's just say you have your own sense of style.

Sitting on the step... solving the world's problems with Baby

Example of your style and look at those pocketbooks. There are three hanging on the stroller. THREE!

You sing all the time. If it isn't Happy Birthday it is Twinkle, Twinkle or 5 Little Monkeys or Miss. Mary Mack. It is a constant in our house to hear your sweet little voice singing. I church you sing with the choir. Everyone around you is sitting quietly listening. Not you. You, Caroline, are singing right along with them.

You have stayed with Nana a lot lately. I drop you off at her house around lunch time on most days so I can run to the hospital to feed Emma. One day Daddy George cleaned the carpet. It was wet and you didn't understand. You told me that you were going to "spank his tail." It took me a minute to figure out what you were saying. When I did all I could do was bust out laughing. You have started saying lots of things like that. When we get home, you yell HOME JAMES. That's what Daddy says and that what you started saying. You also say Wooo Joe. That's what I always say when you fall or drop something. It is funny how you catch on to little things. You also repeat a lot of things we say. Good and bad. We have to be careful with what we say around you. I don't mean ugly words if that it what you are thinking Caroline... ok maybe you have said one ugly word... but words like dookie is what I am talking about. I don't know where you heard this word. When you said it for the first time I flipped. You thought it was so funny... you still say it and my heart drops every time that you do. I don't know what my issue with it is but I don't like it and you say it just to worry me.

Your imagination is still running wild. You lay in the middle of the floor naked and pretend to swim. You pretend to hold Emma and rock her. You pretend to cook and eat food. You pretend that your babies are real. It is so fun to just sit here and watch you. You do and say some of the sweetest things when you don't even realize I'm watching.

Those are the fun times. Believe me when I say this though... you are in your terrible twos. There are times that we both just lay down and cry. There are times that you throw yourself in the middle of the floor and kick and scream. You pull hair. You pinch. You do things that I tell you not to do just to test your limits with me. It is frustrating at times. It is exhausting too.

You are absolutely wonderful. You have made my life complete. Keep that beautiful personality and style. You are going to do big things one day. 27 month of pure happiness. I can't wait to see where life takes us next.

Love always,


Jenny said...

what a great little tribute...something she will cherish for sure!

Cynthia Jill Photography said...

Haha Thanks for the comments on my blog. Does your daughter's hot Dr have any single brothers that are possibly adult Dr's? lol

That little letter to your daughter is absiolutely beautiful and made me all teary eyed. What a great little gift for Caroline to look back on and read when she's older!

Krystyn said...

I think our daughter's were separated at birth. They seem so similar...in fact we have that same striped shirt...she just wore is yesterday.

What a sweet tribute.