Monday, July 13, 2015

Yeah, that time I took my kids to a bar.

Yesterday we went for a ride.

Sometimes we just like driving around.  It's weird but its our thing.

Anyway, Beau drove to the airport and we looked at the few planes that were there.

It started the discussion about my hate of flying.

"Would you fly with Daddy if he was a pilot?"

"I love him something serious, but probably not."

"Would you fly on a plane with Eric Church?"

"Yes, with medication.  Lots of medication."

The list went on and on.

Bug was on my side.  She was quick to remind everyone that she blew chunks all over the plane the last time she flew.

There was a moment of silence.

Then Big's voice quietly said from the backseat, "Yeah, last time Mommy flew she had to go to the bar and drink a beer."

What?  Why do you remember these things??

"Yeah, she sat with an old man at the bar and made us sit at another table."

Beau was silently laughing.

"Yeah, she got us Five Guys and she drank beer so she could get on the plane."

"Yeah, she took 3 kids in a bar to drink beer with an old guy."

Oh, the things she remembers.

But at least we are making memories kids.  Maybe you will thank me later in life.

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