Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Food Spotlight: Red Fish Grill

Located on "The Jib" in Morehead City there is a little place called Red Fish Grill.

We have eaten at a lot of places and Red Fish is on the top of our list of favorites.

The atmosphere is great.  The food is amazing.  The service is awesome.

The place is always packed (with good reason).  They have a great wait time app they use.  If there are no available tables, you leave your name and phone number with the hostess.  You can walk around the waterfront and the hostess will text you when your table is ready.  So nice and so convenient.

And here is a little secret: The bar is first come, first serve.  If there is a table available, grab it.  It is yours.  Just be sure to let the hostess know to take you off of the wait list.

As for the food, prepare your taste buds for the most phenomenal meal you have had in a while.

Be sure to try the seared bacon wrapped scallops with honey chipotle sauce appetizer.  Amazing!

As for entrees, be sure to ask about their specials.  The specials are always wonderful.  One night Beau got grilled mahi with honey chipotle sauce, bacon wrapped scallops, mashed potatoes & grilled asparagus.  They also will occasionally have wahoo.  If this is an option, always go for the wahoo.

The tuna tacos are amazing too.  Seared tuna, assorted cabbage (like slaw), topped with that delicious honey chipotle sauce.  Another secret, if you don't want tuna tacos you can request blackened shrimp tacos which are also super yum!

Beau has also had the shrimp gyro topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, & a super amazing tzatziki sauce.  The side of cucumber salad was also great.

The chicken skewers are similar to the gyro.  All of the pieces come seperately.  The homemade pita wedges are warm bits of heaven on a plate, They are served with cucumber salad, onions, and a bowl of tzatziki sauce that you will want to bathe in.

I have to stop.  I want to lick the screen it all looks and sounds so good.

Do yourself a favor and check out Red Fish Grill the next time you are down at the Crystal Coast.

711 Evans Street
Morehead City, NC

Open Monday-Sunday
Seating begins at 4:30pm

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