Monday, July 6, 2015

Traveling to Tennessee

Beau was on vacation last week.

He planned a fun week in Tennessee for us.

We live in Eastern North Carolina so Eastern Tennessee is a good 7 hour car ride.

Yay. Fun times!

In the car... For 7 hours... With two fighting children.

Doesn't get much better than that yall.

Thank God for the quiet game.

On the way the girls said some of the  funniest stuff.
I quickly types it in my phone to make it a blog post.


As we approached the mountains, Bug said, "Look! It's Mt. Kilimanjaro!!" Umm... We are not in Africa Buggy.

Big: "This is just too far. Next time we are flying." Amen, sister.

Big reading road signs in the mountains: "Falling rocks. Uneven lanes. These are some scary roads." We are from the flat lands y'all.

You know you child is from a farm of community when she looks out of the window and says, "Well that corn is pitiful."

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