Thursday, September 18, 2014

The time I lied to my child...

Bug started Kindergarten.

She has a fabulous teacher that we really love.  She is absolutely wonderful.

Bug is just having a hard time with school.  She loves school.  She just hates the mornings.

She gets very worked up in the mornings.  She wakes up a ball of nerves over silly things that seem very important to her.  One morning she woke up sobbing because she could not open fruit snacks that I had sent the day before.  She had cookies that day too so she definitely did not go without a snack.

I solved the problem quickly by opening the fruit snacks and pouring them into a plastic sandwich bag.

Once the sobbing begins though, it doesn't end.  She works herself up so much that she throws up.

Yes.  Fun times.

We are slowly adjusting.  We have been a few mornings with no vomit.

It has been super nice.

There is a reason why she is starting to adjust.  I may or may not have lied to Bug.

Dear Bug,

I was the crazy mom that put off Kindergarten immunizations until the last minute.  I made your appointment late in the summer and they could not work us in until September 11th.

I was a nervous wreck about taking you to the doctor.  I hated for you to miss any school because of the hard time you were having.

I woke you up that morning and broke the news to you that you would be missing part of the day of school.

You immediately became excited but then quickly questioned why you were skipping.

"We have to go get your Kindergarten shots," I told you.  You really were not that upset.

You would rather get shots than on to school.

The shots went great (all 4 of them).

You answered the doctor and nurse's questions (after I scared you by telling you they were going to think you could not talk if you didn't answer what they asked you).

Well done Bug!

On the way home, an idea came to me.

I MAY have mentioned that Dr. H put a little bit of courage in each shot.

I MAY have told you that because you got courage shots, your belly would not hurt and you would not throw up anymore before school.

Guess what?  It worked.  You have courage now!

In the years to come if you find that this lie was detrimental to your mental health, let me know.  I will add it to the list of reasons you will need therapy.

Love Always,

PS- Yes, I laughed when you got shots.  I am sorry.  I love you.  You know that laughing is what happens when I get nervous.  Another reason for therapy.  XOXO

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