Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Life Question #1.

Upon the return of my parents from their 30th wedding anniversary trip to Italy a few months ago, I wanted to ask my family a question.

If you could go anywhere in the world (time, money, age... nothing to stop you) where would you go?

I wanted spur of the moment answers and this is what I got.

Daddy George: "Egypt.  I want to see the pyramids."

Nana: "I would ride a train all over the United States.  I would want to ride one of the nice trains with the sleeper car, dining car, etc.  I would stop in whatever little towns I wanted.  Trains have always fascinated me."

Carey (age 16): "Jerusalem."

Mary George (age 13): "Bora Bora."

Mrs. King: "Costa Rica."

Mr. King: "Trenton, NC."

Keith: "Omaha, for the college world series."

Lesley: "Bora Bora"

Dad: "Costa Rica."

Mom: "Paris and London."

Ken: "Austrailia."

Beverly: "The Holy Land."

Bug (age 5): "Paris to see the Eiffel Tower."

Big (age 7): "Paris and Disney World."

Beau: "I would take a golf trip.  I want to go to Ireland and Scotland.  I also would like sail on a private yacht through the Carribean."  He dreams big y'all.

Hailey: "I want to go to Paris.  While I am there I want to eat a pastry at a sidewalk cafe with a dog while smoking a cigarette.  I want to run through the city in the rain.  I want to do all of this while wearing a big fluffy dress (à la Sex and the City season 6).  I want to go to Belize to see the Great Blue Hole.  I want to do a Greek Island cruise.  I want to swim with the pigs in the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas."  I am a big dreamer too.

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