Thursday, November 15, 2012


It has been a blah week.

Everything is off.  Tennis is normally on Monday but was moved to Tuesday... It was super dark when I left gymnastics last night at 6:15... I feel like it is dinner time at 5pm...

This new time stinks.

The mornings run much smoother but the days seem to last FOREVER.

Most days I am praying for 8pm to magically appear on the clock so it will be time for bed.

With the crappy time change came two big attitudes.

Big and Bug have always played well together.  Of course, there were little spats here and there.  Now, it is an all out WAR with those two.  I think we are on World War LXII (62.  Yes, I just googled the roman numeral for 62).

They have knock down, drag out FIGHTS.  Hitting.  Kicking.  Pulling hair.  Pushing.  Slamming doors.  Tears follow of course and I am there to pick up the pieces.

I heard this doesn't get any better with age.  Yay me!

How did they go from BFFs to competitive sisters that act like nutjobs whenever they are together?

I am tired.

Scratch that.  I am exhausted.

Thank God I don't have a job.  Kudos to you working parents.   You rock.  I don't know how you do it.

I can tell you this.  I am already counting down till 8pm tonight AND I am counting down to GNO Tuesday night.  It is LONG overdue.

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Ashley said...

It's just a phase! Me and my brother did the same thing :-)