Thursday, December 8, 2011


Caroline got in the car the other day.

I always ask her how her day was and what she learned.

"Mom! We learned about Hanukkah!"

"Wow! That is cool! What did you learn about Hanukkah."

She went on and on about the Menorah, the Star of David, a dreidel, and potato latkes she colored in a mini Hanukkah Booklet. "Those are just potato pancakes, Mom" she said.

I was smiling and it made my heart happy. I love that Caroline is learning about many different cultures and their holiday celebrations. Then it came...

"And they get presents for EIGHT days, Mom! EIGHT DAYS! But they only get one present a day. But that is still cool. EIGHT DAYS OF PRESENTS!!! Do we celebrate Hanukkah Mom?"

"No babe. We celebrate Christmas. We are Christian and we are celebrating Jesus' birthday. The Jewish celebrate Hanukkah."

"Oh. So we are not Jewish?"


"Dag. I want to be Jewish."

I just giggled.

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Kandid Kelli said...

My daughter came home from school Tuesday asking if we could be jewish b/c she would get presents for 8 days too. Shes only 3 so I did my best to explain it to her. Then she showed me her handprint menorah, it was so cute.

I love hearing that she is learning about other cultures. One of our babysitters is Jewish, so thats how she made the connection.