Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas is upon us

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here!

I am nowhere near done with shopping for gifts. Then again, I ALWAYS wait until the last minute.

My house is slowly coming together with Christmas decorations. I wish I could leave them up all year. They make the house seem so warm and cozy.

I added two Christmas paintings to my collection.

Meet Mr. Santa Frog.

It is actually Lisa's vertical jumping frog with a Santa hat, belt, and boots.

Love him!

I also have this painting in the hall bathroom/girls bathroom.

It is by far one of my favorite paintings I've ever done.

I also have this cuties on the counter...

I love glitter.

Most of the time I go totally overboard with glitter.

Speaking of, my wreath on the front door is very glittery!

Yuck! I just noticed how smushed my bow looks. Oh well. I am too lazy to go out, fix it and take another picture.

Anyway, don't you love how it is complete with red glitter door hanger.

Here is a glittery close-up shot.

I could tell you that I made this.

I would totally be lying though. I am definitely not that creative and talented.

Speaking of creative and talented, I had an old smushed green wreath in my Christmas boxes.

With a little ribbon, it now completes the chest in my den.

Look at the bow! I am normally terrible at tying bows but this one turned out pretty good. I couldn't believe it.

A pretty perfect bow. Maybe I am a little talented.

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart!

Tomorrow, I will share our Christmas trees. Yes, that is plural.

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Love everything!!~