Monday, June 6, 2011

My Day in Pictures. Don't get too excited...

Ashley did it and I thought it was cute so I will do it to.

Without further ado... our Sunday in cell phone pictures...

My morning iced coffee. Thank God for caffeine or I may not survive. Seriously.

I water my crepe myrtle, petunias and begonia every morning. I am also watered and cared for our Topsy Turvy. It is even growing tomatoes... much to everyones surprise ;-)

We of course had Sunday lunch at Nana's. It was amazing as always.

Yes, we ate all of that! I forgot to take a picture of the before. This was what was left over after all 17 of us ate. Can you imagine how much food Nana actually cooks for one meal? We had grilled pork tenderloin, panko chicken, butter beans, fresh corn, field peas, loaded potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes, macaroni and mayo, rice, gravy, squash, cabbage, deviled eggs, slaw, cornbread and rolls.

After lunch, we celebrated my Mom's birthday with Nana's pound cake, strawberries, and real whipped cream. Yum!

After lunch and birthday celebrations, the girls went to Mom and Dad's house for a few hours. They have the cool pool with the slide...

I came home and laid in the sun for about 30 minutes. I know you are thinking, the sun nazi in the sun?! Yes, I laid in the sun and yes, my body was fully covered in sunscreen and my face covered in zinc oxide. Anyway, I read my book and relaxed it was just too hot for me.

I went to pick the girls up and let Zoey play in the country some. (I forgot to take a picture of her though).

We came home and talked about dinner. Of course no one was really hungry, so the girls had egg salad sandwiches and I had a PB&J. Ryan chose to skip dinner all together. He was sooo full!

Mom had already given the girls a bath (thank you, Mom!) so after visiting with my inlaws and eating supper it was bedtime.

I lay with Emma every night and last night she wanted us to lay in my bed. I read my book until she fell asleep.

That's when I broke out my secret stash.

We forgot to give my Mom a bag of Harry London Buckeyes. Whoops! I let myself have two and savored every itty bitty bite. If you have never had Harry London candy, you are missing out. O to the MG! So good! Not as good as German Milka... but close.

This is how I found Zoey when I looked out to check on her...

Girlfriend was tired. By the way, she was 12 weeks old last weekend. We took her to the vet and she weighs 24 pounds and no she isn't overweight. According to the vet, "she is just going to be a really big lab." Fabulous!

Then I settled in and watched the season finale of RHOC. It was a train wreck and I loved every minute of it.

I read a little more after that and then I was off to bed.

Hope y'all enjoyed my boring day. This is pretty much my life. Nothing special but oh so entertaining.


Ashley said...

Umm, I think your day was more interesting than mine! I need to try the iced coffee. Miss seeing you and the girls at preschool in the mornings!!

Amy said...

RHOC was nuts!!! that fight reminded me of Theresa v Danielle on the RHNJ reunion the way Tamera went from sane to screaming. loved it

Kari said...

I need to try this...bc I am out of ideas for blogging. All I would do is complain anyway...haha. LOVE the "privacy Please" on the dog! lol