Friday, June 10, 2011

Morning from hell

I'm in my room with the door shut.

It is 9:30 am. (Obviously I finished this post later in the day.)

I already need a little alone time.

So far this morning...

- The dog escaped sometime while I slept.

- Found the dog waiting outside of the fence to be let back in.

- She had eaten the trash and thrown it all over the yard... the trash that my husband was suppose to carry off two days ago.

- I cleaned all of that up.

- Made my coffee.

- Emma woke and demanded juice and Nick Jr.

- I sip my coffee.

- Water plants.

- Burn cinnamon rolls.

- Sip coffee.

- Before, I could even put icing on the yummy burntness, Emma spilled a WHOLE coffee cup of hot chocolate all over my kitchen table AND beautiful chair cushions.

- I uttered an ugly word under my breath.

- Clean said table and chairs.

- Ice the cinnamon rolls.

- Kids eat breakfast.

- The dog gets out again.

- I'm suppose to be at the splash pad at 10:30. The clock reads 10:26. So much for being on time.

- The girls SCREAM when I spray them with sunscreen.

- The dog tries to eat the sunscreen as I spray it.

- I was walking out of the door and my husband tells me we might go camping for July 4th. "I've never been camping. Not even in the backyard. So, if you want to go with me and two children on our first camping trip, have at it. I suggest we leave the children. I'm just saying, I might be hard to deal with alone without two screaming children." At least I was honest about it.

- Out the door and on my way at 10:40.

And I didn't even finish my coffee. Ugh!

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Kari said...

That about sums up my life these days..except I don't drink coffee. Although, it was a nice surprise "running into you" at the Splash Pad. I use the term "running" loosely considering I didn't even get out of my chair...HAHA