Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sea and fall.

When the sea turns a deep color of blue, you know that fall is here.

There is a slight chill to the breeze coming off of the water.

The sea spray does not smell like summer anymore.  It isn't mixed with the smell of sunscreens and fruity drinks.  It smells... like the sea.  Just the plain sea.

This past weekend was a special weekend for us.

The 28th NC Seafood Festival.

This weekend consists of food, germs, beer, germs, rides, germs, food, germs, and food.

It is chaos.

It is a panic attack waiting to happen.

It is a hold-on-to-your-child's-hand-like-your-life-depended-on-it... because it does.  It really does.  There are tons of people.  All with germs.

But the food... the food...

It is amazing.

"Hey, Beau!  Look!  Red Fish has a tent up!"

We made a bee line to it.  This year, Red Fish Grill (a new eat in town) was serving yummies at the festival.  Much to our stomach's delight, they were serving grilled mahi, tuna and shrimp tacos.  Hello!  OUR FAVORITE!

However, they had to beat Ruddy Duck.

Y'all.  Our expectations are very high with any sort of seafood taco.  To even come close to Ruddy Duck is a hell of a feat.

Red Fish did it.  Yes.  They have mastered the seafood taco.  I got shrimp.  It was perfect.  There were two types of sauces and a mixture of greens, MAN... WHY DIDN'T I FIND OUT THE EXACT INGREDIENTS.

I stood beside my Beau in a parking lot, eating tacos and drinking beers like they were going to be our last.  Beau decided on the tuna taco.  At the time they were out of mahi so we only had two choices.  We each tried the other taco.  We are a team like that.

We inhaled our tacos (and beers).  Beau finished with a, "Damn.  I could eat three more of those."

Me too, Beau.  Me too.

We ate and drank so fast that we didn't get a picture.  They are forever etched in my mind though.

The girls got pizza and nachos.  Blasphemy!  Pizza and nachos at the Seafood Festival?  BLASPHEMY!!

Obviously their taste buds can't handle anything fancy.

After the festival, they took a dip in the our canel.  Probably their last dip of the 2014 year.

We were also graced with a very high tide.  The highest Beau has ever seen in the 8 years we've been married.

It was a fabulous weekend.

It was a beautiful, cool, fall beach weekend.

This is always our favorite time of year on the coast.

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