Friday, August 15, 2014

Dates and donuts...

You guys know how special date nights are to me.  Last weekend we got TWO!  That's pretty much a whole weekend of dating my husband.  Yay us!

My wonderful inlaws took the girls on a little trip to visit their Great Grandad.  They left Friday night and were so excited to go.

It was a spur of the moment decision for them to go so Beau and I didn't have any plans.

We caught up on DVRed shows and Beau grilled steaks.

He is the master of grilling a steak.  That man has a talent.  He can grill the most perfect piece of beef.  From his seasonings to his grillwork, the steak ends up amazing.  Like melt-in-your-mouth amazing.  I just threw together salads and fresh potatoes using stuff from our families gardens.

It was a lazy night and it was perfect.

Saturday morning I got to spend a little time with my sister who was home from the Big City.  She moved to the Big City at the beginning of the summer and hasn't been able to come home very much.  It was nice to have her back for a weekend.

I also got to run to my best friend's new house and help her unpack and bounce around decorating ideas.  Best friend time is always fun.

After a day to myself, I started missing the girls but we had planned a fun date night and the girls were off shopping with Grandmom and Poppy.  Emma was in Heaven.  The girls loves to stop.

Mom, Dad, Sister, Sister's boyfriend, Beau and I went to Chef & the Farmer for dinner.

As you know, I love food.  I love the presentation of food.  I love restaurants and their ambiance.  Chef & the Farmer never disappoints.

We had the flash fried collards as an appetizer.  They are strings of beautifully green collard greens that have be flashed fried to crispy perfection topped with just the right amount of coarse sea salt.

I had the Bourbon Braised Pork Shoulder Lasagna complete with a little sweet potato and marshmallow dollop on top and a side of country ham cabbage.  I have had this dish before and it was just as I remembered... delicious!  Beau had a New York Strip Filet on top of stewed tomatoes.  It was served with a delicious little potato bacon cake that was awesome.

Dinner was filled with good food (obviously), wine and mixed drinks, talks and laughter.

Date night number 2 was a success!

After dinner we finally picked up our babies.  It was so good to see them.  Date weekend was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it.  The best part?  The girls brought home half of a donut from Anne's Donuts.  It was almost as amazing as date weekend!  Seriously.


Ashley said...

A weekend by yourself is the perfect way to rejuvenate, I think. So glad you enjoyed yours. And I know your girls had the best time! I've only been to the Chef and the Farmer once...time to make a trip!

Tima said...

Date nights are the best. And two in one weekend! Awesome!