Thursday, March 14, 2013



I was plagued with the Heman-woman-haters virus for a full 12 hours Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning.


It was bad.

We are all MUCH better.

We have our appetite back.

Sheets are washed.

House is Lysoled.

I may have even Lysoled the girls a few times.  Just their clothes.  Don't judge.  This virus is TERRIBLE.

Here are a few randoms for you:

- I am trying to catch up on monthly letters for my girls.  I write little bits at the time so that I can publish them on their "month birthday".  I obviously didn't write them for February.  *Insert eye roll*  Just when I tell myself I am going to get something done... I don't do it.

- I am reading a few things right now to accomplish my 28 books that I want to read this year.

- I am currently addicted to Prison Break.  So is my husband.  We watch episode after episode.  We accomplish NOTHING with our lives these days.  It is kind of sad.

- I got a new camera.  I have taken some pictures to play around.  I LOVE it!

- Caroline has a gymnastics recital coming up soon.  She is super excited about it.

- Emma has a dance recital coming up soon.  She doesn't talk about it much.  I am trying not to make a big deal out of it and freak her out.  So, when all else fails... just ignore it altogether.

- Zoey Pearl (our dog) turned two this week.  She is still am 80 pound puppy that thinks she weighs 10 pounds.  She is still a lover of ducks and chewing EVERYTHING.

- It is midnight and I must go to bed.  Until tomorrow...

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